Contact Event Planning & Scheduling Services at 940-565-3804 for help with:

  • Menu
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Decorations
  • Registration tables
  • UNT backdrops
  • Coat check

Some things to remember:

  • Include a vegetarian option and create a place card for vegetarians to assist the catering staff.
  • Find an appropriate menu for the audience and time frame.
  • Preset salads and/or desserts to help with buffet.


Options for serving alcohol:

  • Cash or No Host Bar – Guests pay for their drinks as they receive them.
  • Open or Hosted– Host pays for the guests' drinks. The cost is computed at the basic drink prices and charged to the final invoice of the host.
  • Flat Rate Bar–Host pays for guests' drinks up to a certain, predetermined amount. The host is notified when the cap is reached and he can then chose to increase the amount or turn it into a cash bar.

Alcholic beverages served on campus before 5:00 p.m. must be pre-approved by the President (UNT Denton) or the Chancellor (UNT System).

Please review the university policy on alcohol use before you decide to serve alcohol at an event. Please refer to the University Union guidelines or Gateway Center policies if your event is taking place at either of those locations.

Any alcohol served on campus must be dispensed by a TABC certified bartender (contact Scheduling Services for availability). The Alcohol Use Request Form must be completed and returned to Scheduling Services at least ten days prior to the event. The sale of alcohol at any event outside the Union will require the purchase of a temporary alcohol permit.

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