Contingency Plans

Having a contigency (back-up) plan will prevent panic when, not if, things go wrong during an event. When creating a contigency plan, hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

Potential Problems

  • Inclement weather
  • Low attendance
  • Guest speaker cancellations
  • Heavy traffic
  • Unexpected/uninvited guests
  • Sprinkler systems turning on
  • Disruptive noises (i.e. the clock tower)
  • Fire alarms

Possible Solutions

  • Plan how to build attendance
  • Change venue if only a small number of individuals confirm attendance
  • Make arrangements for escorts with umbrellas for inclement weather
  • Have a backup speaker if the primary speaker is detained or cancels at the last minute
  • Arrange for security

Things to Consider in the Case of Inclement Weather

  • If it is raining, can guests be escorted to the event by students/staff carrying umbrellas?
  • Will you need to order a canopy?
  • Will slippery sidewalks create problems?
  • How will you handle umbrellas and overcoats when guests arrive and depart?
  • Will your signs withstand heavy rain/snow?