Defining Objectives and Setting Goals

As you begin planning, consider your objectives and desired outcomes for the event. Special events facilitate direct, personal communication with alumni, donors and the community. A well-planned and carefully executed event will reflect the high standards of the University of North Texas.

Key Questions to Ask Before Planning and Scheduling Your Event

  1. Is an event the most appropriate strategy to achieve the stated goals and objectives?

  2. What is the primary objective of your event?
    • Promote athletics or academics?
    • Inform, educate or entertain?
    • Increase awareness of University of North Texas programs?
    • Build a donor base from a constituency group?
    • Facilitate good community relations?
    • Honor a special guest/retiree on campus?
    • Highlight a student group?
  3. What type of event is most appropriate?
    • Breakfast, luncheon or dinner?
    • Reception?
    • Afternoon coffee or tea?
    • Meeting?
    • Conference?
  4. Do you have the time and resources necessary to implement an effective event?
    • Before you go any further, determine a budget and identify your resources. Also, if it is a large event, you may need to have extra help from staff, other departments or student organizations.
  5. How will you measure if you have achieved the desired objectives for the event?
    • Number of alumni engaged, donors recognized, community exposed to your programs, $____ raised, etc.

Once you have answered each of these questions, you are ready to begin planning your event. The use of an event plan can facilitate your planning and communication.

Download printable versions of the Special Event Plan, Budget Template and Budget Estimate forms.

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