News Releases

All official news releases must be issued through University Relations, Communications and Marketing (URCM). Their staff is experienced in every aspect of publicizing an event and they will be able to help you get your message in the hands of people who can publicize your event in advance.

URCM can also help you determine the best strategy for promoting your event. Every event that showcases UNT is an important event, but not every event will attract local, regional or national media attention. Your assigned Public Information Officer in URCM can help you determine which events might be considered newsworthy by television, radio or print.

There are several factors to consider in making this decision. For instance:

  • Are there any well known speakers or guests attending your event?
  • Is there a special tie-in to your event? (significant anniversary, new leadership, etc.)
  • Is something taking place during the event that would be considered "unique" or visually interesting?
  • Is there something “timely” about the event, i.e., are there issues related to current events which are receiving local or national attention?
  • Are you expecting a small or large crowd?

Not all events are deemed newsworthy simply based on the size of the gathering, but sometimes the size of the event does play a role. A large seminar on-campus by an unknown speaker might not bring in outside media, but it might if the guest speaker is generally well-known. Keep in mind, a key element in determining whether an event might be considered a television story usually centers on the visuals provided. Think visually! Television reporters rely greatly on video. A typical story in a newscast runs about one and one-half minutes and the entire story must be covered by compelling video. This is a crucial determining factor for television media when deciding whether or not to cover an event. The guidelines are a little different for radio and print. Radio reporters rely on audio; therefore,asound-bite or two and background information is all that is needed to do a story. Print media relies on the written word so only quotes and photographs are necessary in story presentation. Once the target media are identified, URCM will determine the best strategy for presenting news releases and/or media kits. The decision to cover an event will ultimately be determined by the media.