As soon as an event is scheduled, inform Parking Services (940-565-3020) of the date, time, location and estimated attendance. The parking manager will be able to provide detailed information and guidance regarding parking.

Helpful Parking Hints

  • You may ask the parking manager not to ticket cars during the time of your event, depending on expected attendance
  • Be aware of accessibility needs; make sure there is a way for any disabled guests to get to the event. Assign a staff person to assist those with special needs from the parking lot, to your event, and back again.

Parking Passes

Visitors can obtain a parking pass for $5.00 at the Parking and Transportation offices located at the Highland Street Garage across from the Business Leadership Building on Avenue A.

For additional information on parking, contact Parking Services.

Valet Parking

For valet parking, make sure to use a respectable outside vendor. Be sure to include information about valet parking in your invitations and provide adequate signage for your guests.