Room Set-up

people at an event

Effective room set-up ensures that guests feel comfortable and involved. There three important things to keep in mind when setting up the room:

  1. Does this set-up facilitate good crowd flow? (Is the food line going to block the bathroom?)
  2. Do guests have enough individual space? (Do they have elbow room when they are seated? Can they get in and out of their seats easily?)
  3. Are the facilities accessible for everyone? (Are the aisles large enough to accommodate wheelchairs? Are there ramps to the doors, stage, etc.?)

Set-up Styles

  • Theatre/Auditorium Style - Rows of chairs facing a stage or podium. This style is mostly used with a lecturer/speaker.
  • Classroom Style - Rows of tables and chairs facing a stage or podium. This is ideal for meetings or functions that need writing/work space.
  • U-Shape - 6-8 foot tables configured in a U-shape. This encourages interaction among participants.
  • Banquet Style - Round tables that can seat 6-8 people. This is a typical setup for formal occasions where food is served. When using this style, remember to include a dance floor or stage area in the design.

Contact Scheduling Services for events held in the Gateway Center. They will be able to assist with floor plan options, set-up, sound, lighting, podium signs, backdrop, or any other concerns.