Special Considerations for International VIPs

Just like the domestic VIPs, please fill out the VIP Guest Notification Form immediately after you receive confirmation of the VIPs visit. If more information is needed about an international visitor, the protocol officer in the President's office or in UNT-International, will contact you and ask for additional information about the visitor. The UNT-International partnerships coordinator from UNT International can also work with the host to prepare a briefing on the visitor's country/culture of origin to better inform the event planners. As all cultures have different customs, practices, taboos, etc., the UNT-I Partnerships Coordinator can also assist in informing appropriate:

  • Gifts
  • Religious and cultural considerations
  • Dress code
  • Greetings
  • Cultural dietary needs
  • Translation services (written, informal verbal, formal verbal)

Please visit the VIP Protocol Checklist for more information on VIP guest care.

After filling out the notification from, feel free to look around at the UNT International website to access more information about UNT and their international partnerships.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the number and variance of international customs, languages, and flags, time is especially critical when preparing for any international VIP visitors. Please fill out the VIP Guest Notification Form as soon as possible to allow proper time to prepare for the visit.