Sustainable "GREEN" Events

Sustainable Events Checklist


We Mean Local

 When thinking about what kind of food to serve at events, look into organic and/or local food options.

  • Finding local food options will be easier if you keep seasonal items in mind.
  • Verde Catering can meet your needs to find a more sustainable meal option.

 Meatless Menu

  • Try to offer as many vegetarian or vegan options as possible, since meat and dairy are more resource intensive.

Waste Less: Go Plate-less

  • Offer foods that don’t need serviceware, such as whole fruit and vegetables.
  • If you do have disposable serviceware, use compostable eco-ware for your food service needs.

BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle)

  • Serve beverages out of 5-gallon Cambros and encourage people to bring their own reusable bottle, or offer a reusable bottle as a promotional item. The UNT Office of Sustainability offers reusable bottles with UNT Sustainability branding for purchase. E-mail your request to


  • Host events during the daytime and take advantage of natural lighting.
  • If you have live entertainment, go the acoustic route to save energy from PA systems (you also save money on renting the PA).
  • Host events outside so that you use little to no energy. Your guests can enjoy the outdoors, and you can save money on renting space.

Spread the Word, Print Less

  • Utilize social media such as Facebook and Twitter to promote your event.
  • Send e-mail invites and follow-ups using services such as MailChimp.
  • Word of mouth is a great way to gain attendees for your event. It costs nothing, and is the most eco-friendly event marketing technique.  
  • If you do print, use FSC certified or post consumer recycled content paper, and print ½ or ¼ page flyers.


  • Encourage more sustainable transportation options by providing instructions for public transit, biking, and carpooling to the event.
  • Bring local speakers and performers, you’ll support community leaders, save money on travel, and lower the carbon footprint associated with transporting them to your event.

Recycle and Compost

  • Contact Recycling Services or put in a facilities work order request to have temporary recycling at your event.
  • The UNT Office of Sustainability can help coordinate composting at your event. E-mail the office at
  • Have volunteers at your event to help attendees recycle and compost properly. Make sure you have clear signage about what can and cannot go into each bin.

Fair Trade and Recycled Items

  • If you are going to purchase give-a-way promotional items for your event, use items that are fair trade certified or made from recycled content.

Tell It Like It Is

  • If you have a sustainable event, make sure you let everyone know! Have signs at your event talking about what aspects of the event are greener. Educating your audience about why UNT cares about sustainability enhances the universities image, and plants the seeds of change.
  • Download the We Mean Green graphics here to put on posters and promotional items.


For more information, please visit the Office of Sustainability.