VIP Protocol Checklist

  1. Notify department head, chair, dean, etc. as appropriate of VIP's visit.
  2. Complete VIP Guest Notification Form.  After this is submitted, the form will be automatically sent to the Protocol Officer in the President's Office. They will confirm your submission and contact you for additional information if needed.Please be sure to:
    • Clearly indicate the purpose of the visit on the VIP Guest Notification Form to ensure proper handling, scheduling and care.
    • Choose a Point of Contact from your department.
  3. If appropriate, discuss president's/provost's involvement with Protocol Officer.
  4. Consider and make necessary plans for: (For more information, please visit Advanced Preparations)
    • A campus tour
    • Meetings
    • A lecture
    • A luncheon
    • Dinner
    • A celebratory/welcome event
  5. Coordinate guest's itinerary with other appropriate departments on campus.
  6. Determine who/which department will handle:
    • Transportation and parking
    • Security plan
    • Escorting
    • Lodging
    • Dining
  7. Consider the following attributes of the VIP including:
    • Culture
    • Religious background
    • Gifts
    • Dietary preference
    • Dress code
    • Language needs
    • Proper Introductions


For further questions, please contact Megan Wheeler at 940-565-4592.